What I want


What I want

Am Am7

Want to be alive

Am Am6

want to be a plant

Am Am7

and between other plants

Am Am6

is where I want to stand


it’s so easy for a plant


to share the sun


and feed the air


it’s so easy for a plant

Am Am7/Am6

just to be there


Want to be proud

want to be a tree

and rooted in the earth

is what I want to be

it’s so easy for a tree

to feel its trunk

and release its leaves

it’s so easy for a tree

simply to live


Want to be free

want to be weed

not a project of man

just a grain of seed

it’s so easy for a grain

to grow whereever

it has been thrown

it’s so easy for weed

to know its speed


I want to be true

Want to be a flower

And only to bloom

Do I ask for power

It’s so easy for a flower

To show its joy

And celebrate

It’s so easy for flowers

Not to be late






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